Vision & Hearing Screening Exams

Vision & Hearing Screening Exams in Plano, TX

Vision and Hearing assessments help detect possible problems that could be associated with academic decline/failure from vision and/or hearing defects. Through early detection, referral and intervention, it is our hope that these problems may be precluded or greatly reduced. Vision and hearing screenings are done once per year with our Providers during your scheduled well exam. Your child can be exempt from the screening in the event their testing was done previously that same year at another facility. Please note, hearing and vision screening systems are only screens. So an abnormal result does not mean your child has a hearing or vision problem, but that a more detailed measure is in order to insure proper health. It does mean, with very good reliability, that a normal result means vision and/or hearing is indeed functioning well.

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How We Screen for Vision and Hearing

We utilize the latest technologies to screen children for hearing and vision as your pediatrics provider. These newer systems allow us to screen for potential issues that may have been hard to detect in the past. This process is very simple and easy for your child.

If you have additional questions regarding vision and hearing screening for your child, give our Plano Pediatric office a call.

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